Narottam Mishra Writes to Law Dept; Proposes Increase in Punishment and Hike in Fine On Hookah Lounges

Bhopal: Two weeks after CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan illegalized the operation of hookah lounges in the state, state Home Minister Narottam Mishra has written to the State Law Ministry to raise the cap for punishment on illegal functioning of the Hookah bars.

In the letter, he urged the officials to increase the punishment from one year to three years and levy a fine of Rs 1 lakh.

CM Shivraj at a de-addiction event on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi announced strict actions against those operating Hookah bars and also issued demolishment orders for the establishments if involved in illegal drug businesses. The campaign will run until November 30th.

The state govt has launched activities to create awareness about de-addiction that will be conducted in every town and village during this campaign. The excise police will also be formulated to control the use of Alcohol, said CM at the event. Efforts are being taken in collaboration with organisations working for de-addiction.

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