NASA all Set to Launch Artemis I SLS Rocket, Leaking Fuel Seal Repaired

Story Highlights
  • Sept 23rd or 27th, likely to see relaunch of Artemis 1 mission to Moon.
  • The space agency reported to have replaced the seals on the SLS rocket's core stage.
  • The mission to the Moon has been scrubbed twice earlier.

Latest reports mention that NASA has repaired the leaks in the Artemis I SLS rocket and is all set for another attempt to send it to Moon on September 23rd or 27th.

The space agency in its blog post said that it has replaced the seals on the Space Launch System rocket’s core stage, associated with the liquid hydrogen leak.

“Both the 8-inch line used to fill and drain liquid hydrogen from the core stage and the 4-inch bleed line used to redirect some of the propellants during tanking operations were removed and replaced,” Nasa said in a blog update. The spacecraft has been marred with technical issues, which are being repeatedly fixed on the launch pad. it stated that the umbilical plates were reconnected and inspections were performed by technicians over the weekend, while a tanking demonstration is being prepared for as early as September 17.

On its second attempt earlier in September, one of the fuel lines to the SLS was leaking, which forced engineers to scrub the launch of Artemis I SLS-Orion spacecraft just 40 minutes before the departure from Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

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