Navjot Singh Sidhu to Take the Lead; Aide Says He’ll Stay On

Story Highlights
  • Speculation surface indicating Navjot Singh Sidhu to remain Party Chief.
  • Close aide reveals details.
  • Sidhu had submitted a resignation on Tuesday citing no compromise in the welfare of the state.

Punjab: As per the information given in by an internal source, it is speculated that Navjot Singh Sidhu would carry the baton during the next year elections, implicating the cricketer turned politician might nullify his resignation.

 Mohd Mustafa, adviser to Navjot Singh Sidhu speaking to a media room informed that the issue would be resolved soon. “The Congress leadership understands Navjot Sidhu and Sidhu is not beyond the Congress leadership. He is not Amarinder Singh, who never cared for the Congress and its leadership,” Mr Mustafa said. “Knowing Sidhu closely, Mustafa shares how emotional the Congress Chief is.

Sidhu was elected as the Punjab Congress Chief in July and quit on Tuesday saying he couldn’t compromise on the future of Punjab and the agenda for the welfare of Punjab. Sources reveal, after the exit of his rival Capt Amarinder Singh from the cabinet, Sidhu was upset by the new CoM appointed by the new CM Channi.

Sidhu’s resignation came as a surprise to the high command, who stood at his side amidst the controversies that emerged prior to Captain Amarinder’s resignation. However, no reports have surfaced that indicated Sidhu’s interest in joining another political party.

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