Naxal Carrying Bounty Surrendered in Sukma

Story Highlights
  • Naxal carrying cash reward of Rs 8 lakh surrendered.
  • Sukma SP and CRPF DIG confirmed the surrender.
  • Naxal identified as Sodhi Muaya responsible for 20 major incidents.

Chhattisgarh: A Naxal identified as Sodhi Muaya carrying a bounty of Rs 8 Lakhs surrendered in the presence of SP Sunil Sharma of Sukma District and CRPF DIG Yogyan Singh under the Poorna Narcom Campaign.

According to the police, Muaya was involved in 20 major Naxal incidents in the state. They also suspect the surrendered Maoists to be in charge of Military Dalam and conduct activities related to the organization.

After his surrender, Naxalite Spox Sainath issued a document the stated the exclusion of the above Naxalite from their organization.

Chhattisgarh State Police has been conducting several campaigns and security operations to capsize the growing Naxal community in the region.

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