Naxals Torch Passanger Laden Bus in CG

Story Highlights
  • Raged Naxals burn passenger laden bus en route Orissa.
  • The Naxals had called a band on 24th April in the memory of Nirmala Devi whose death is flagged as a conspiracy.
  • 2 women died while several sustained injuries.

Bijapur: In a cowardly Incident, Naxals in Sukma district torched a passneger bus with passengers on board in the wee hours on Sunday.

The incident is reported to have occured in forests surrounding Sukma, Dantewada and Bijapur.

At around 10km from Konta, naxals stopped a passengers bus enroute Orissa and asked all passengers to vacate bus. Raged naxals torched the bus on denial during two women succumbed to death while several endure injuries. The violation of bandh has been cited as their reason to burn the passenger bus.

Reportedly, the Naxals had called for a bandh on the 24th April in the memory of Nirmala Devi and the bus was torched as an indication of the rage the naxals bears calling the death conspiracy.

Prior to attacking the bus, the naxals had compromised the police camp located in Bijapur district.The Maoists had fired several BGLs (Barrel Grenade Launchers) at the camp.

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