Neemuch Girls Selected For Dance Deewane Juniors

Story Highlights
  • They have been selected in the reality show Dance Deewane Juniors.
  • Actress Nora Fatehi and Neetu Singh also praised them.
  • Choreographer Marzi Pestonji said this is just the starting of their bright future.

Indore: 5 girls living in the slums of Neemuch are encouraging everyone to dance with their talent in Mumbai. They have been selected for the reality show Dance Deewane Juniors. The girls live in a slum adjoining Ekta Colony of Neemuch city. Many times they did not even get one meal at a time, but their skills took them to Mumbai. Actress Nora Fatehi and Neetu Singh also praised them fiercely.

Choreographer Marzi Pestonji even said that you have a beginning from this stage, and now all your dreams will be fulfilled. The slum dwellers Sofia Abbasi, Ramila Bhuria, Asha Mayida, Anjali Sarel and Sapna Ninma are between 11 and 14 years old. All the girls study in the nearby government school. Their mothers work in other people’s homes. The father works as a hand cart in the market.

The girls told in the dance show that sometimes only one meal is destined in a day. Many times they go to the market at night and collect the grains scattered throughout the day and bring them home. Then the food gets cooked. Uday Sarel is also their dance trainer. Uday has previously participated in dance reality shows.

Uday says that most of the people in the village do not even have a below poverty line card. Due to this, the benefits of government schemes are also not available to them. They don’t have a loudspeaker at home so they practice from their mobile phones. Neetu Singh’s eyes became watery when she heard their story. After the dance, Nora Fatehi even hugged the five girls.

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