Nepal Urges AstraZeneca Shots from Foreign Donors as the Country Witnesses a Spike in its COVID Count

Story Highlights
  • Nearly, 1.6 million doses needed
  • The country halted its vaccination program due to logistic stricture
  • KP Sharma Oli announced the requirement on national television

Kathmandu: After India, Nepal declares an SOS and urges the foreign donors to supply essential COVID reliefs to prevent the collapse of the small country’s creaky health care system.

The country requested nearly 1.6 million AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine doses to administer second shots as the Himalayan country is recording a surge in new coronavirus cases. 

 A senior official of the Ministry of Health and Population in the capital Kathmandu, said,” People who have already got the first dose will be in difficulty if they don’t receive their second dose within the stipulated time.”

The PM of the country, KP Sharma Oli urged support from the foreign donors to balance the overt condition of the nation. 

Situated between China and India, Nepal has already vaccinated more than 2 million people with the AstraZeneca and Sino pharm from India and China respectively. However, sooner the country had to suspend its vaccination program due to logistic issues from the suppliers. 

Addressing the neighbouring lands on national televisions, Oli released a statement of emergency rising in the country. He said, “I would like to request our neighbours, friendly countries, and international organizations to help us with vaccines and critical care medicines …to support ongoing efforts to combat the pandemic.”

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