New Changes for The Verified Blue Badge: Twitter Inc

Ever since the takeover by Tesla chuef, Twitter Inc had been undergoing several changes the latest of which is addition of new features to the accounts with the Blue Tick.

Musk announced on Twitter that the platform “will start incorporating mute and block signals from Blue Verified (not Legacy Blue) as downvotes”.

Further Musk said that all actions of Twitter users will factor into a “NN model” (neural networks) for a tweet and the account tweeting, including positive actions.

The microblogging platform resumed selling its Twitter Blue premium offering, which gives users a blue verification badge by their names after a weeks long pause.

User needs to pay $8 a month to avail this feature. The service provides a checkmark in a blue badge next to their profile pictures and will be able to edit tweets, among other perks. Twitter Blue subscribers will also see half as many advertisements as regular users and added that the company is planning to sell subscriptions for an ad-free version of the service later next year.

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