New Delhi Hospitals Declare Emergency; 54 COVID -19 Patients at Risk

Story Highlights
  • Fortis Hospital reports oxygen supply to cease in o 25 minutes
  • The Supreme Court demands a national plan from the central administration

Faridabad: Fortis Hospital declared an emergency after it noticed the oxygen levels depleting. With around 54 critical patients the hospital said that it would be out of oxygen in another 25 minutes at around 11:56 am today morning.

Several private hospitals in Delhi and neighbouring areas are struggling to replenish their oxygen supply for infected patients. According to a government official, few hospitals have managed to make short-term arrangements while several others still grapple.

 The Supreme Court on Thursday said it expected the Centre to come out with a “national plan” on supply of oxygen and essential drugs for the treatment of infected patients and method and manner of vaccination against the disease. 

 While the top court ‘Suo motu’ took note of the “grim” situation in the country and the havoc caused due to shortage of oxygen cylinders in hospitals, the Delhi High Court quoted, “We all know that this country is being run by God,” a day after it came down heavily on the Centre over the Covid-19 management. 

Delhi Health bulletin registered 306 deaths in the past 24 hours, which included 25 critical patients succumbing to death due to a shortage of oxygen at the Ganga Ram Hospital. Only 19,609 individuals recuperated amidst the grappling conditions in the state.

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