Newlyweds Among 4 Burnt Alive In Madhya Pradesh Car Fire

Recently in Madhya Pradesh, four people lost their lives due to a car crash. This even included a newlywed couple. The incident occured when the car crashed into a tree. This resulted in a blast which took the lives of four people, including the newlyweds.

Distressing videos captured the aftermath, showing the charred remains of the vehicle wedged against the tree. When the Police officials got to know about this incident in the early morning, they immediately reached the destination. They even took a fire brigade along with them but unfortunately it was too late to save the car and even the lives of the four people.

The authorities went for further investigation and it was reported that the people who died included three men and one woman. The Police officials confirmed that the couple who perished in the accident had tied the knot just six months ago, adding an even more tragic dimension to the incident.

The authorities are still working with their investigations to find out the exact reason behind the car crash. This incident came shortly after a bus and a trolly collided in Madhya Pradesh.

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