NHRC Seeks Action Taken Report in Lynching of Gond Men

Story Highlights
  • NHRC seeks action taken report on 'Lynching' of two Gond men in MP.
  • Human rights defender Radhakanta Tripathy files complaint allegding risk to families of the deceased.
  • Two Gond men died on Tuesday morning while undergoing treatment.

New Delhi: The National Human Rights Commission has sought action taken report from Seoni district authorities in Madhya Pradesh in connection with the “lynching” of two tribal men over suspicion of cow slaughter, according to proceedings of the case. The NHRC on Friday took action in the case after a complaint by a human rights activist.

“Instant complaint is from well-known human rights defender Radhakanta Tripathy wherein he has highlighted a serious issue of lynching of two Gond men, Dhansa Invati (50 years) and Sampat Lalby (45 years) by a mob of 20 people over allegation of cow slaughter in tribal-dominated Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh early May 2,” as per the proceedings of the case accessed from NHRC’s official website.

The human rights defender alleged that another tribal who tried to stop the lynching was also injured. He also claimed that the wife of one of the victims was also assaulted and molested by the assailants.

It is averred by the complainant that the “failure, negligence and inaction of the state” in acting over the issue pose serious human rights threats and violate the basic human rights of the deceased families.

Hence, seeking the intervention of the Commission in the matter, according to proceedings of the case.

Around two men died while undergoing treatment on Tuesday morning in Seoni district, after a group of people attacked them in suspicion over cow slaughtering. Around nine have been arrested so far.

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