Nijat Abhiyan- Attract Scores of Volunteers from Korea

Story Highlights
  • Korea SP Santosh Kumar Singh started anti-alcohol campaign.
  • Nijat Abhiyan aims to motivate routine alcohol consumers to quit.
  • Under the campaign, several illicit drug related activities have been busted.

Korea, Chhattisgarh: An initiative led by Korea SP Santosh Kumar Singh with a vision to change adult attitudes towards consumption of Alcohol launched in July 2021, has gained huge succes so far.

The Nijat Abhiyan, public awareness campaign address the issue of drink and drive amongst youth and adults. Under the campaign individuals are counselled and adviced treatment for health concerns attributed to alcohol consumption.

A score of volunteers have been registering under this campaign to help the society become alcohol free. The OST Center inaugurated at the District Hospital Baikunthpur, provides needfull attention to the drug addicts.

Police officials report seizure of nearly 18 motor bikes and 1 four wheeler that was recognized to be used in illicit drug trading. Under the NDPS Act 149 individuals have been apprehended. Nearly 420 cases under the Excise Act were booked reported officials.

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