Nikki Yadav Murder Case: Accused Murdered Lover in Broad Day Light

NEW DELHI: As the gory of the Nikki Yadav murder deepens it is learnt that the murder did not happen furtively in the dead of night, but in broad daylight at a public place.

The accused, Sahil Gehlot, has revealed that he drove around with his lover Nikki Yadav for hours on the night of February 9. He then killed her in a parking lot near Nigambodh Ghat, in the heart of the national capital, between 8.30-9 am the following day, reported news agency ANI citing sources privy to the investigation.

He reportedly admitted to deleting all data including WhatsApp chats between them on Nikki’s phone. The details surfaced while he was being interogated by Delhi Police, which is attempting to build a strong case against the accused by gathering evidence including CCTVs, technical evidence along with forensic examination.

On Wednesday, police retrieved footage from CCTV cameras that showed 23-year-old Nikki in her rented house hours before she was allegedly killed by Sahil.

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