Nirbhaya Bikes Handed Over to Police officials of Urja Maheela Desk

Story Highlights
  • 100 nirbhaya bikes launched in Bhopal.
  • 700 more to be launched in two phases.
  • Officials from Urja Maheela Help Desk – could not provide help in time to victims in rural areas.

Bhopal: CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan on the occasion of Women’s Day gifted 100 nirbhaya bikes to female police officers of the “Urja Mahila help Desk’ in Bhopal today. Through these two-wheeler vehicles, the Urja help Desk aims to provide help for victims who cannot arrive at the police station in time.

Interacting with the media, ADG of policewomen wing Pragya Richa thanked the state govt for the assistance provided which would enable them to serve the society proficiently. On being questioned about the process,  she said that the victims or anybody known to them irrespective of the gender could call on the CUG number launched and share the details of the location for the Urja Help Desk facility to reach them.

Adding that the nearly 700 bikes would be provided by the government in a bi-phasic manner, she said that the facility has been specifically launched to reach those in remote areas where officials of law and order are distant.

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