No Funding to Taliban: US Administration Freezes Afghan Reserve

Story Highlights
  • Approximately $9.5 billion was frozen by the Biden administration
  • No central bank asset would be passed on to the Taliban
  • The US also evacuated diplomats and civilians in the last 2 days

Kabul: In a bid to control the funding of the Taliban, the Biden administration has frozen almost $9.5 billion of reserves. According to reports, the Taliban group will have no access to the treasury office of foreign assets control as all the accounts have been frozen by the US government.

It means that the Taliban now has limited access to the funds and that they will need international help to procure more funds to run their government.

The acting head of Afghanistan bank Ajmal Ahmadi cleared the air on this and said, “Any central bank assets the Afghan government have in the United States will not be made available to the Taliban”. He further added, “Given that the Taliban are still on international sanction lists, it is expected (confirmed?) that such assets will be frozen and not accessible to the Taliban. We can say the accessible funds to the Taliban are perhaps 0.1-0.2% of Afghanistan’s total international reserves. Not much”.

Meanwhile, at a press conference, a Taliban spokesperson said that they will cause no harm to the civilians and that they need international support to make Afghanistan a country of glory. They also pointed at not seeking revenge or harm to anyone from the soil of their country. It is only a matter of time now to see how they run the government as US funding has stopped now.

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