No Interim Order Passed as Karnataka HC Adjourns Hijab Plea Hearing till Feb 14

Story Highlights
  • Hijab matter posted for February 14th.
  • SC refused urgent transfer of case.
  • , Students Federation of India (SFI) members held a protest in Chennai.

Bengaluru : The Karnataka Court said the matter will be heard again on Monday, February 14. The high court said that till the matter is pending, students should not wear any religious garments. A three-judge bench of the Karnataka High Court heard the Hijab plea on Thursday afternoon. The three-judge bench comprised of Chief Justice, Justice Krishna S Dixit, and Justice Khaji Jaibunnesa Mohiyuddin.

Earlier today, the Supreme Court had refused a prayer to urgently transfer the cases from Karnataka high court to the Supreme Court.

Advocate Kamat appearing for Muslim students of Kundapura stated that the government order banning hijab inside the campus is based on a weak foundation.” The government order issued on February 5 suffers from a total non-application of mind. Three decisions of High Courts have been cited by the government and a conclusion is drawn that these three judgments say that a hijab or headscarf is not part of article 25, he said”.

Meanwhile, Students Federation of India (SFI) members held a protest in Chennai against the Karnataka government order banning hijab inside college campuses. The protesters said wearing a hijab is a fundamental right, protected by the Constitution.

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