No Notice Issued: Agriculture Dept During Questioning

Story Highlights
  • Madanmahal police recorded statements in the drone incident.
  • Two were injured during the drone crash on Republic Day.
  • Abhinav Shukla, claims a bird’s feather stuck in the motor lost co-ordination.

Madhya Pradesh: In a recent development of the drone accident in Jabalpur, it has been informed that the Madanmahal police has recorded a statement of the Agricultural department and the operator of the drone.

According to the statement given by the authorities from the agriculture department, it has been learned that no notice has been summoned to the dept in regards to the accident that occurred during the republic day event held at Pandit Ravi  Shankar Shukla stadium Jabalpur. The administrative officer who recorded the statement claimed that no investigation was being held. Meanwhile, the operator of the drone, Abhinav Thakur said that on self-investigation of the drone it was noticed that a bird’s feather was the cause for the crash.

A tussle of responsibilities seems to be occurring between the police authorities and the Agriculture Department. Madanmahal police station in-charge- Neeraj Verma has said- as we have not received any response from the department, a fresh notice is being sent.

In a drone accident during the Republic Day celebrations, two spectators were injured after the drone crashed on them. The drone displaying the new spraying techniques for agricultural operations was being hovered over the Madhya Pradesh tableau. The drone was a Quadcopter carrying 30 litres of liquid.

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