No Polls for CWC, Party Authorizes Kharge to Nominate all Members

RAIPUR: The steering committee of Congress authorized president Mallikarjun Kharge to unanimously nominate all members of the working committee, said gen secretary in charge communications Jairam Rameshon on Day 1 of the plenary session in Raipur.

The decision to authorize Kharge came after a deliberation of two and a half hours during the meeting attended by 45 members.

To ensure representation of Dalits tribals, women, youth, OBCs, and minorities, Congress will amend the party Constitution, said Ramesh.

“All former prime ministers of the Congress party and former presidents will be given representation in the Working Committee,” said Ramesh, giving details of amendments to be brought about in the constitution of the party.

With this nomination, the party has decided to make 30 amendments to its constitution with changes at the village, Mandal and ward levels.

It is worth noting that former High Command Sonia Gandhi and kids Rahul and Priyanka skipped the key meeting as they wanted Kharge to give an uninfluenced decision. They will however attend the rest of the conclave that hopes to brainstorm for Lok Sabha polls 2024 and finalize their polltie ups with other opposition parties to take on the BJP.

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