“No Specific SOPs For Chhath Puja”: Centre

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  • No specific standard operating procedures (SOPs) for chhath puja.
  • Delhi Deputy CM urged the Centre to issue SOPs ahead of Chhath and Diwali.
  • Government officials cite existing SOPs sufficient.

New Delhi: According to official sources, there are no specific standard operating procedures (SOP) for specific festivals, such as Chhath, and the current method to limit COVID-19 dissemination will continue. In response to concerns expressed by Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, who urged the Centre to issue SOPs ahead of Chhath and Diwali, government officials said that existing SOPs are sufficient and that no new ones are required.

He has urged the Centre to release SOPs for Chhath Puja as soon as possible after meeting with health experts. While warning the public about COVID-19 outbreaks during festival season, government sources assert that there will be no third wave if the people of the country decide. India has fared well thus far, according to insiders, and the administration is concerned that the situation does not worsen during the festival season.

Many in the BJP believe Sisodia brought up the issue of Chhath and SOPs on purpose because the party has been opposed to limiting the number of people who can celebrate Chhath Puja. The government, on the other hand, is taking caution and aiming to prevent any political wrangling over the Chhath Puja festivities.

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