Nominated Members Cannot Vote: SC in a Relief to AAP on MCD Mayor Polls

NEW DELHI: The SC grants relief to AAP in Mayor Polls stating that nominated members can’t vote. The apex court heard the petition filed by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)’s mayoral candidate Shelly Oberoi seeking early holding of the mayoral election for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).

It observed that the elections would be conducted at the first MCD Meet. “Once elected he shall preside over the election of the deputy mayor, ruled the SC.” It further mentioned that a notice would be issued instructing details to convene the first MCD meeting for election within 24 hours.

MCD mayor polls have been stalled three times so far amidst ruckus over the decision to give voting rights to nominated members. The Delhi mayor polls, that was scheduled for February 16, had to be postponed due to the scheduled apex court hearing. Both BJP and AAP have been engaged in a blame game since the ruckus over preventing mayoral polls.

AAP with a majority of 134 out of 250 elected members alleged that the BJP is trying to steal its mandate by giving voting rights to the nominated members.

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