North Korea de-escalates military action to bring harmony with South Korea

Seoul: The rising tension between North Korea and South Korea due to the distribution of leaflets in the borderline has led the North Koreans to suspend their military actions. The North Koreans have threatened to send the military in the intra-Korean border zone that doesn’t carry any militarized section. To the contrary of such action, the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Un stated that the state has decided to suspend the military action only. 

Due to the prevailing situation, the state has made up the term with such action. However, the sister of the leader, Kim Yo-Jong mentioned that the action would be decisively carried out as Pyongyang has started to send anti-regime leaflets over the borderline with the help of balloons. 

The relation between the two rivalries Korean countries has started to deteriorate in the following days.  The disagreement between the two rivalries over the distribution leaflet in the borderline has created a big threat to the North Korean. The pattern of distribution carries USB sticks, loaded criticism in DVDs; all attached to the balloon. The state has also witnessed a degraded language to spread hatred through Korean shows. All these efforts might lead to violent engagement between the two states. The leaflet issue would carry out more troubles whereby North Korea has argued the leaflet action would bring disharmony. Added to this, South Korea has stopped sending leaflets as they believed that the people or the families living near the borderline would come across some aggressive actions by the North. 

However, North Korea has decided to suspend the military actions along with the major outline that would prevent the war amongst the rivalries. The suspension of the nuclear tests and the long-range missile tests were the first step to bring peace between the two sides.

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