Northern Winds Strong over Chhattisgarh; Some Areas under Snow Cover

Story Highlights
  • Northern parts of Chhattisgarh under heavy temperature downfall, some areas under snow cover
  • Climate experts say the temperature is likely to go up from Sunday

Raipur: It is evident that most northern states suffer a massive cold climatic condition during winters but this year Chhattisgarh has experienced a rather different climatic approach. The temperature has stooped so low that some areas have come under snow cover. Not only human lives but crops and vegetation fields are also getting affected due to the sudden fall in temperature.

The temperature of some areas has come to such a low that it has affected the daily lives of people. In Balrampur, the temperature is recorded to be 3.1 degrees while in Raipur it is 11.6 degrees. But hope comes along with climate experts speculating that from Sunday the situation will improve and temperature will start increasing.

Most of the time it is seen that cold winters are common in the northern parts of India but it is rarely seen that Chhattisgarh has experienced snowfall during winter. This year surely changed the dynamics in many ways and thus, we can see snowfall in some regions of Chhattisgarh as well. Hopefully, the cold wave will pass soon and Chhattisgarh will be free of the heavy duty wintry weather conditions.

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