Novak Djokovic Back In Detention, Declared “Public Threat”

Story Highlights
  • The Serb Tennis player is scheduled for a hearing on Sunday.
  • The hearing forms a decisive step for his Australian Open title.
  • Djokovic was detained for the second time on orders by country's immigration minister on Friday.

Australia detained Novak Djokovic for a second time on Saturday ahead of his hearing scheduled for Sunday. The court would decide if the unvaccinated tennis star can stay in the country.Facing deportation for the second time, the 34 year old was labelled as a public threat.

Djokovic who was placed under guard at an undisclosed Melbourne location, believed to be his lawyers’ offices, is expected to spend Saturday night in immigration detention, after a few short-lived days of freedom following his first successful court appeal.

Djokovic, still scheduled to play the Australian Open on Monday in Melbourne would be the most successful men’s tennis player in the history of the sport with 21 major titles if he were to win. However, if he loses the appeal, the Serb men’s tennis player faces deportation and a three-year visa ban.

Djokovic’s visa was first revoked shortly after his arrival in Melbourne on 6 January, after Australian Border Force officials said he had “failed to provide appropriate evidence” to receive a vaccine exemption.An Australian judge however, re- instated his visa ruling that border officials ignored correct procedure when he arrived.

The second revocation came on Friday after Australian immigration minister using his discretionary powers detained the player.

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