NYC to Home Deliver Antiviral Pills

Story Highlights
  • New York to home deliver antiviral pills for those at risk after testing positive.
  • The Mayor announced the program on Sunday afternoon.
  • A drop in in the infection tally of the city was reported.

New York: As the health agency reported a drop in the COVID tally that was fuelled by Omicron, Mayor Erick Adams made an important announcement on Sunday. The office in New York has decided to home deliver free antiviral pills to those who test positive and are at a higher risk.

“The city will also offer at-home delivery of COVID antiviral pills and to eligible New Yorkers who need them, and we’re going to do it with the magic New York word – we’re going to do it for free. For free,” Adams at a press briefing Sunday afternoon. 

Both the antiviral pills approved by UFDA would be categorized as deliverable. The delivery of Paxlovid from Pfizer Inc. and molnupiravir from Merck would be conducted in partnership with Alto pharmacy, the press release said.

More than 75 per cent of the New Yorkers have received their COVID shots. The at-home vaccination program in the city brought about a major rise in the count.

As per the statistics forwarded to WHO, 72,373,369 confirmed cases have been documented in the USA. New York reported a drop in is infections from 20,500 a week to 5,000. Subsequently, a reduction in hospitalization was also observed.

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