Officials Begin Campaigning to Prevent Spread of Malaria Amidst Monsoon Season

Story Highlights
  • Director of Epidemic Control Dr Subash Mishra issues directive to Bastar administration for prevention of spread of Malaria.
  • Health officials organize camps to educate residents about Malaria.
  • Low-lying areas inspected for water stagnation.

Bastar: In view of the onset of the monsoon season, the Director of Epidemic Control Dr Subash Mishra has informed that all the district administrations in the Bastar region have been instructed to take strict steps to prevent the spread of malaria-a prevalent disease during the monsoon season. The initiative is being carried out under Dr Jitendra Kumar who is appointed as the nodal officer.

Acting on the instructions, the Health Department inspected rural areas that tend to convert into breeding grounds for the mosquitoes during the monsoon season. The local administration organized camps to educate the residents about the diseases and the does and don’ts to avoid their spread. Low-lying areas that report water stagnation during the rainy season were also inspected and the respective in-charge were instructed to maintain the sites clean to avoid stagnation of water that will develop as breeding grounds for the mosquitoes.

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