Omicron’s More Transmittable Sub-Variant Detected in Delhi

Story Highlights
  • Study reports detection of new sub variant of Omicron.
  • The subvariant of Omicron BA -2.75 is reported to be highly potential.
  • Delhi has been reporting a surge in active cases over the past few days.

New Delhi:  According to officials from the health department, a new sub-variant of Covid’s Omicron strain had been discovered in New Delhi. The new sub-variant, known as BA-2.75, was discovered in reports of 90 samples sent out for genome sequencing.

According to Dr Suresh Kumar, Medical Director of LNJP Hospital, the new sub-variant is more contagious and can infect people who have antibodies.

Dr Kumar further speaking about the report analysis of 90 samples that were sent for genome sequencing said, “the report includes the discovery of Omicron’s subvariant BA-2.75. It transmits the virus more quickly. In addition to individuals who already have antibodies, this new sub-variant also targets those who have received the Covid vaccinations “.

India reported 16,047 in the last 24 hours. On Tuesday it was seen reporting 2,495 new cases and seven deaths due to Covid -19 in Delhi. The factors contributing to the spike in Covid cases in the national capital are not wearing masks and ignorance in vaccination. Both the administration and the citizens are concerned about the spike in cases before the holiday season.

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