One By One, All Eminent TMC Members Leave the Party; Dinesh Trivedi Follows

Story Highlights
  • After Suvendu Adhikari and Rajib Banerjee, now Dinesh Trivedi, also resign from the TMC party in west Bengal
  • The former railway minister said there is “violence” in the state that forced him to resign
  • He also hinted that he will continue to work for people in the coming years
  • TMC party MP Sougata Roy said his resignation will have “no impact” on the party

Earlier on Friday, former railway minister and WB’s Rajya Sabha MP Dinesh Trivedi resigned from the TMC party. On his resignation he said, “I am resigning from Rajya Sabha today. There is violence happening in my state. We cannot speak anything here”.

He further added, “Grateful to my party that they have sent me here. I am feeling suffocated that we are not able to do anything over violence in the state. My soul tells me that if you cannot do anything sitting here, then you must resign. I will continue to work for the people of West Bengal”.

One by one, all eminent leaders of the TMC party are resigning and the BJP led government is taking all advantage of this. However, Trinamool party MP Sougata Roy has other views. He said, “Many people left the party but it does not have any impact on TMC. TMC is not a sinking ship”. About Trivedi’s resignation, he said that it will not impact the party. “This will have no impact as he is not connected to the grassroots and he even lost the Lok Sabha election but Mamata Banerjee still sent him to Rajya Sabha. This is not a shock to the party”, said Roy.

Before resigning, Dinesh Trivedi met Nationalist Congress Party Chief Sharad Pawar but he did not reveal his plans to the party members before announcing his decision to the Rajya Sabha. The west Bengal polls are designated to take place in 2021 but the dates have not been finalized yet.

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