One Held For Selling Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates

Story Highlights
  • Rise in trafficking of fake vaccine certificates.
  • 36 year old from Mumbai arrested for selling fake vaccine certificates for Rs 1,000.
  • Two others held in Kurla for fake certificate scam were bailed on Wednesday.

Mumbai: Cybercriminals have begun to traffic fake vaccine certificates as vaccination proof has become a prerogative to travel globally.  With the rising demand, a win-win situation is prevailing in the country as individuals seek fake certificates to escape restrictions.

An arrest of a 36-year-old man from Mumbai has been reported by Dharavai Police on Friday on charges of selling fake vaccine certificates. Identified as Francis Nadar, the accused had been selling fake COVID-19 certificates for Rs 1,000, said police who detained the accused on January 5th.

Earlier on Wednesday, a court in Kurla granted bail to two persons Zuber Shaikh and Alfez Khan, both 19,  who were arrested for allegedly selling fake COVID-19 vaccinations to people. The court passed the bail plea stating that the accused could not be held as they proved to be falsely implicated by the complainant due to an old dispute. Moreover, they stated that the complainant himself had desired a fake certificate and no inquiry was made with him by the police about the same.

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