Open to Partnership, Hinted PM Modi at Sydney Dialogue

Story Highlights
  • PM Modi delivered a key note at the Sydney Dialogue.
  • Called for participation on a global scale to regularize cryptocurrencies.
  • Spoke about growing cyber security and interests in AI.

New Delhi: At the inaugural transition of the virtual address at the Sydney Dialogue, PM Modi delivering a key note address listed out how Digital transitions are shaping” the country. He asserted that world’s democracies must work together on cryptocurrency to ensure it “does not end up in the wrong hands”.

Pointing out that technology had already become a major instrument of global change and the key to shaping international order, he stated “While a few vested interests cannot be allowed to misuse openness, as a democracy, India is ready to work with partners for fair prosperity and security”. He further went on to say “India has unmatched experience in using digital technology in a democratic framework with strong guarantees for individual rights and the use of technology linked to values and vision”.

Shedding light on cyber security , he informed that a joint task force with the industry was set up to make India a global hub of cyber security. “We have benefits of scale and global trust,” he said. “India is now focusing on hardware and is preparing a package of incentives to become the key manufacturer of semiconductors, he further added.”

Addressing the guests at the Sydney Dialogue, Indian PM Modi spoke about the burgeoning cyber security of the nation creating a robust framework of data protection, privacy and security, interest of the nation in Cryptocurrency, and its efforts in AI.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison had listed 63 critical technologies at the Sydney Dialogue, that would enable the Quad and AUKUS groupings to match China’s advances in technologies that could enable global economic and security dominance. The Sydney Dialogue is being held between November 17-19 as an initiative of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

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