Operation Parivartan: AP Police Cracks Down Cannabis Farms

Story Highlights
  • Operation Parivartan was launched in October 2020, to curb cannabis cultivation.
  • Andhra Pradesh police works in coalition with SEB.
  • Nearly 2 lakh kgs of Ganja was seized.

Andhra Pradesh: Operation Parivartan- a flagship operation being run by the Andhra Pradesh police successfully cracked down a large-scale cannabis cultivation in state. The operation led by state police in coalition with Special Enforcement Bureau in Vishakhapatnam. The operation aims to curb ganja supply in state.

During the search, around two lakh kilograms of processed cannabis were seized while it was being shipped out, post-harvest.Since November 2021, the Andhra Pradesh Police have destroyed cannabis plants spread across 8,500 acres, before the harvest season. Over all 1,500 arrests have been made so far.

“While the primary goal was to find and destroy cannabis crops, the operation is also aimed at educating indigenous communities participating in the production,’’ said state DGP Damodar Gautam Sawang.

The operation was launched in October 2020. The police carried out numerous raids in the areas in and around Andhra Pradesh-Odisha border in Visakhapatnam district, which is infamous for ganja cultivation. A total of over 1,500 crore worth of drugs was seized and destroyed by police.

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