Opinion: The Quintessential Journalism dies by the goons of the ‘fourth pillar of democracy’

The Irony Behind the Irony!

Since when did blackmailing become a part of Journalism, and what would you name that kind of Journalism and the journalists who practice it?

Journalism, the fourth pillar of democracy is stronger than any force in this world, and the people who uphold this pillar straight, are the journalists who work day and night to cover the stories amid drastic conditions and keep us informed with their factual reporting. In recent days, a Kanker Based Journalist has appeared to be the new face of honest journalism in Chhattisgarh. Little do people know, that it is the vicious game of making his ends meet in the name and face of journalism.

With this, it becomes quintessential for people to know, Who is Kamal Shukla? Is he an honest journalist who believes in ethical journalism and is fighting against alleged corruption or is he a mere blackmailing agent, a chronic alcoholic, an abuser or a, “do whatever it takes to fulfil my agenda”, kind of person!

Uncovering the reality of journalist Kamal Shukla, who wears a mask of honesty and integrity and is degrading the ethics and morals of the profession of Journalism. It’s often said that when we point our fingers at others, the rest of the fingers point back at us. Similarly, sometimes we need to cross-check the fact that, the people who talk about morality and honesty, are themselves honest or not? The worst part is that he has kept the values and ethics, that bind journalism at a stake with his activities and is
running a full-fledged business under the guise of journalism.

In a nation like India, where leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Lala Lajpat Rai, Jawaharlal Nehru used the medium of journalism in the historic struggle of Independence, In a nation, where journalists are known for their perseverance and patience, In a nation where journalists like P. Sainath, Ravish Kumar and Barkha Dutt still keep the morals of journalism upright by reaching out to places where no one dares to go, to bring the truth out in front of us, it’s a shame to call people like Kamal Shukla, a journalist!

Last year itself, MLA Vikram Mandavi filed a report against Kamal Shukla at the police station in writing, claiming that he was being blackmailed by him.
He further accused Kamal Shukla of demanding Rs 1.5 lakh, on which the police had registered the case. This proves the kind of game, he has been playing in the name of Journalism, or should I say a pure form of yellow journalism.

It is even hard to imagine that a person who holds the power and courage to blackmail an elected MLA and demand 1.5 lakh Rs from him, at what intense level he would be harassing the general officials, employees, businessmen and people?

If this wasn’t enough to prove his honest character, you must be shocked to know that a treason offence has been also registered against Kamal Shukla in 2018.
Not just the state, he has been cheating the entire nation as well and the irony is that we believe in what a journalist like Kamal Shukla says, without knowing his background.

Kamal Shukla is not just renowned for his blackmailing skills which he uses against public representatives but has also been in news for his abusive behaviour with the then Collector of Jagdalpur, Amit Kataria. Almost every officer posted in the Bastar region is familiar with the kind of behaviour, that Kamal Shukla presents.

The irony about Kamal Shukla is, that he calls out on every public representative and officer referring them as corrupt, but he forgot to acknowledge the fact that he is himself drowning in the river of corruption. No one knows, how to define corruption better than Kamal Shukla himself.

Getting into a reality check, his own house has been built by encroaching into the riverfront. Various complaints are lodged against him by the sand business dealers, affirming the fact that they’ve been threatened and blackmailed for money by the not so honest Journalist.

Every person In Kanker is aware of his character and personal behaviour. The doctors have reported him to be a Chronic Alcoholic.

There is a general perception about Kamal Shukla, that he lacks gratitude, he usually forgets the good deeds that people do for him. He can’t even resist himself to indulge in unrestrained and baseless ranting against people, who tried to help him amid the toughest situations, but since his cause was not fulfilled, they have to take the bitter dose now.

It is a matter of utter shame and disappointment, that the same Chief Minister and the same government, who gave him regular advertisements within a year and assisted him with voluntary grants, is being falsely accused today by his baseless allegations. This truly defines his character and his selfishness towards clearing personal agendas, by taking any path whatsoever.

Today, Kamal Shukla is running a personal campaign, along with few people who have no relation with journalism whatsoever to
discredit the state government.
His campaign has been rejected and declared null by the mainstream journalism of Chhattisgarh, which is still under shock, because the Chhattisgarh they know, is ten steps ahead in protecting it’s journalists and thinking about their welfare and security.

Still, what can we say, other than
“Golmaal hai Bhai, sab Golmaal hai”

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