Opposition Claimed Attack, CCTV Footage Shows Ruckus; Unending Parliament Drama Continues

Story Highlights
  • Parliament monsoon session ended prematurely
  • Jostle between opposition and security personnel on last day
  • CCTV footage clears the air on the opposition’s claim

New Delhi: Since the monsoon session of the parliament began this year, several protests have led to the adjournment of both the upper and lower houses. Till Wednesday, as informed by the honorable speaker Om Birla, the houses were active only for 76 hours approximately. On Wednesday also, the sessions were adjourned till 12 pm. But soon after the Rajya Sabha resumed the session, the ruckus between opposition leaders started to increase. Following it, security personnel were called in and the monsoon session was prematurely shut for this year.

But the opposition leaders claimed that they were attacked inside the house and the marshals were called in to “manhandle” them. A report from almost 10 opposition party members claimed that “outsiders who were not part of Parliament security were brought in to ‘manhandle’ the Opposition leaders and members, including women Parliamentarians who were only protesting against the Government’s conduct, highhandedness, and muzzling of the voice”. An inquiry was set on the matter and CCTV footage circulated today which showed both parties were into a jostle during the ruckus and they were not called in for any such “attack” as staged by the opposition leaders.

Several opposition leaders also condemned this act inside the parliament and said, “What happened in Rajya Sabha yesterday was shocking, unprecedented, sad and an insult to the very dignity of the House and humiliation of the members of the august House.” 

They further added, “The Opposition strongly condemns the authoritarian attitude and undemocratic actions of the Government. We remain committed to continue our struggle against the assault on Parliamentary democracy and agitate the issues of national importance and people’s concern”. Since the monsoon session started, the oppositions have been protesting for the abolition of the farm laws and sought for an inquiry of the Pegasus row that led to such ruckus inside the parliament.

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