Opposition Targets Baghel Govt over Recent Hike in Electricity Bills

Story Highlights
  • BJP corner's Baghel Government over revision of charges of electricity consumption
  • BJP state president Vishnudev Sai targeted the government over inflation in the sand and cement industry
  • Electricity Regulatory Commission on Monday, raised the price by an average of 37 paise per unit

Raipur: After the Electricity Regulatory Commission on Monday, announced the revised charges per unit consumption of, opposition in Chhattisgarh has cornered the Baghel government. 

 BJP state president Vishnudev Sai on Tuesday issued a statement blaming the Congress state government for the price rise. He said,” During the pandemic the State government did not provide relief of 8 paisa and now they have hiked the electricity charged by 8 paise. It is an injustice to the people, which should be withdrawn in any case.”

He issued scathing comments against the opposition demanding an immediate amendment.

Additionally, he also spoke about the inflation in sectors of the sand and cement industry. 

According to him, the state has been under a financial drought since Congress took over Chhattisgarh.

 Chairman of the Commission Hemant Verma  on Monday said that the average rate for the financial year 2021-22 is 6.41 paise per unit against the 5.93 paise per unit, which is 48 paise per unit higher than last year. 

As per the new tariff issued by the Electricity regulators,  hike in electricity rates by an average of 37 paise per unit was informed that was applicable from August 1.

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