Oppositions Strike Chinese Diplomacy; EU Send Warships in the South China Sea

Story Highlights
  • EU nations deploy warships against China
  • China desires to build a world-beating fleet in the South China Sea
  • Quad procures physical and moral backup

World: In a united opposition against China’s intimidation in the South China Sea, the EU is deploying warships to push back Beijing’s dictatorship in the region. Hiroyuki Akita, a Japanese international security commentator wrote,” The dispatch of warships by the UK, France, and Germany to the Indo-pacific could draw a backlash from China and create new tension. But the positive effects- in terms of deterring Chinese adventurism in the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea- arguably outweigh its negative ones.”

 In this week’s two sessions, the National Assembly of the Chinese communist party, Chairman Xi Jinping said that China desires to build a world-beating fleet. “Our country’s current security situation is largely unstable and uncertain,” Xi told assembled delegates. Defence Minister General Wei Fenghe added to the drum declaring China had “entered a high-risk phase”. 

Officially possessing the world’s largest navy, with 350 ships active, China’s ‘wolf warrior’ diplomacy and military intimidation has snubbed its ties. Us Pentagon in its recent reports said,” Already commanding the world’s largest naval force, the People’s Republic of China is building modern surface combatants, submarines, aircraft carriers, fighter jets, amphibious assault ships, ballistic nuclear missile submarines, large coast guard cutters, and polar icebreakers at an alarming speed.”

In purview of this, France has signalled its renewal with Far East while Britain announced the deployment of its new aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth. Germany has also announced plans to send frigates to the South China Sea. The European ships are modern, capable and designed to operate seamlessly with the US crews. The Quad receives ideal support physically and morally to strike its war.

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