Outpatient Appointments Called Off in Nanjing City; Lockdown in Brisbane Extended

Story Highlights
  • The Delta variant fuels the COVID curve across China and Australia
  • Hospitals in the city of Nanjing call off all Outpatient appointments
  • Brisbane lockdown extended until Sunday

World: Delta Variant of COVID-19 takes a toll over a large number of continents. SARS-CoV2 homeland, China has witnessed a drastic surge in its COVID count. 

The hospitals in the Nanjing city of the coastal Chinese province Jiangsu have reportedly suspended all Outpatient appointments. All hospitals in Nanjing will now only be allowed to provide emergency assistance to those in need while all other appointments have been cancelled. However, there has been no clear notice about the resumption of the services. 

The province recorded as many as 11 new cases in the last 24 hours. The country reported 55 new cases on Monday. Additionally, Wuhan also registered 7 cases on Monday, that arrested scores of citizens to their homes. With the new outbreak, nearly 18 Chinese provinces have raised alarms of the sudden surge.

Meanwhile, Brisbane in Australia has extended the lockdown until Sunday. As the third-largest city of Australia struggles to contain the spread, citizens have been ordered to stay home in Sydney. 

 The lockdown in Brisbane and surrounding regions in the southeast of Queensland State, announced on Saturday, was due to end on Tuesday.  It will be extended after authorities detected 13 new cases in the local community on Monday, Deputy Premier Steven Miles told reporters.

 Australia’s federal government said Friday; the country would begin reopening and avoid snap lockdowns once 70% of the entire adult population has been fully vaccinated. However, plans to reopen are being hampered by Australia’s tardy vaccine roll-out.

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