Oxygen to be Available for 21,000 Patients in Chhattisgarh

Story Highlights
  • Third wave preparations in Chhattisgarh in full swing.
  • Oxygen available to be provided to 21, 000 patients every day.
  • Production of 461 tonnes is being done daily.

Chhattisgarh: In the middle of the terror of the third wave, the state’s medical oxygen production has expanded to the point that, when the third wave arrives in full force, oxygen can be provided straight to the beds of 21 thousand patients per day. More than 73 oxygen plants have been installed in hospitals around the state in the previous six months. This allows for the delivery of oxygen in the bed to a total of 15,000 patients in the same arrangement. The state’s oxygen output peaked at 386.92 tonnes per day during the second wave, but has since climbed to 461 tonnes. Furthermore, more than 112 oxygen plants are being built in the state’s hospitals. These will begin in three to four months, and 25 thousand people will be able to get oxygen on a daily basis.

Even in the second wave reported in the state, there was no oxygen crisis, but since there were no beds, hundreds of patients were unable to get oxygen when they needed it. When the second wave arrived, the state was producing around 300 tonnes of medical oxygen, which included oxygen produced by hospitals. When demand grew, new companies were only authorised to produce oxygen during the second wave, resulting in an increase in oxygen production of almost 386.92 tonnes in April itself.

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