Paddy Procurement Will Begin in MP From November 29th

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  • Paddy procurement will start in Madhya Pradesh from November 29.
  • Preparations have already begun to buy more than 45 lakh tonnes of paddy.
  • Reportedly, paddy has been sown in 35 lakh hectare in the state.

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh is preparing for another record. It is believed that this time Madhya Pradesh will break its own previous record in paddy procurement. In fact, the government has made preparations to purchase more than 45 lakh tonnes of paddy at the support price. It is to be known that the Madhya Pradesh government will purchase on November 29th at the rate of Rs.1940 per quintal. More than 9 lakh farmers have already registered to sell paddy in the state.

Let us inform you that in 2019, paddy was sown in 23, 76,000 hectares. Whereas in 2020, sowing was done on 34.04,000 hectares. This year the area under paddy has increased again. Paddy has been sown in 35, 00,000 hectares this year. Last year, more than 106 lakh tonnes of paddy was procured. At the same time, it is being estimated that this time more than 125 lakh tonnes of paddy has been produced. Last year, where 5 lakh 80 thousand farmers had registered for paddy. This year the estimated no. of farmers registered has increased.

On the other hand, this time the support price has been increased by Rs 72 to Rs 1940 per quintal. In 2019-20, except Vidisha, there was more purchase of paddy on support price in all the districts as compared to the previous year. Hoshangabad, Raisen and Sehore districts accounted for 217%, 310% and 321% procurement respectively as compared to last year. A total of 25.85 lakh metric tonnes of paddy was procured in the state in 2019-20 and 21.96 lakh metric tonnes in 2018-19. Whereas, last year a total of 2,24,919 lakh metric tonnes of jowar and bajra were purchased at the support price. Altogether 6,491 farmers have sold jowar and 35,926 farmers sold bajra on support price. The total purchase amount was Rs 497 crore.

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