Pakistani Flag Hoisted in Chhattisgarh, Probe Launched

CHHATTISGARH: A video of a Pakistani flag being installed at a roof top has been making rounds on the internet. Netizens have demanded a detailec cyber probe into the social media accounts of the family. Meanwhile, the flag has been brought down and the BJP has staged a protest.

Based on a complaint filed by Arun Kumar Sharap, a resident of Saria the Sarangarh Police has arrested Sohail Khan, under Section 153A of the IPC, identified as a fruit vendor on the top of whose house the Pakistani flag was hoisted.

During the probe it is learnt that the Pakistani flag was seen on top of the roof since Milad un Nabi ie. October 8th. Accused Sohail during an interogation revealed that his daughter unknown of the fact that the flag belonged to a Pakistan installed it on their roof.

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