Pankhajore, Kanker: Historical Fair Arranged Every Year on Makar Sankranti Seems to Be Blotted out, Know Why

India: The economic, cultural, and traditional activities of the nation are confronting a significant eclipse due to the worldwide pandemic. This year, the Makar Sankranti Mela, which takes place Pankhajore Nara Narayan Seva Ashram every year, was not organized, unlike every year.

Notably, the fair was first organized in 1964. The arrangements were done by the Pankhajore Nara Narayan Seva Ashram authority. But the chain of 57-years-old tradition, unfortunately, broke this year due to the pandemic.

Merchants and faithful people from across the states including Maharashtra, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal used to come to visit the Mela with their friends and families. Trades of crores of amounts used to be done every year in the mela held at the Ashram premises.

Big giant wheels and merry-go-rounds, dance parties, the circus of motorcycles, famous bhelpuri, and colorful desserts used to bring color into the festivity. But because of the pandemic, the ground where the fair is held every year, is left dead empty.

Not only Chhattisgarh, but traders from different states used to come to the fair for trading purposes. But this year, the traders are reported to be in immense despair, as the fair has been canceled in view of the pandemic.

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