Patients Suffer in MP as Doctors go on Strike

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh: A fiery opposition has started in MP against the government’s preparation to depute State Administrative Service, Police Service, or Forest Service officers as administrative officers in state government medical colleges. Members associated with the Medical Teachers’ Association protested on Monday while working in colleges by tying black bands. 

From Tuesday, they stopped providing services in OPD. Due to this, the health services in government hospitals have collapsed. In view of the strike of medical teachers, the Health Department has assigned 40 doctors from Jaypee Hospital and additional doctors from AYUSH Department to Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal, so that patients can get proper treatment.

All the doctors of the Medical College have gone on strike to protest against the appointment of administrative officers in the Medical colleges. Private security personnel and other staff who are present in the OPD, are informing the patients about the doctors being on strike. Elderly patients are seen sitting on the cold floor due to exhaustion. 

Pregnant women who have arrived for their routine check-ups are forced to sit on the cold floor as well, to wait for the doctor. Similarly, women who have come to get treatment for other diseases are also worried. Amidst all these, no inconvenience was caused to the patients in the emergency room of the Medical College. 

The doctors are providing regular services there irrespective of the strike going on outside. MTA President Dr. Rakesh Malviya told that the emergency services have not been stopped yet. But if even after their opposition, a bill to appoint administrative officers is passed, then emergency services can also be stopped from evening onwards.

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