Pee Gate: Court Reserves Order on Shankar Mishra Bail Plea

The Patiala Court on Monday reserved the bail order petition moved by Shankar Mishra, an accused of allegedly urinating on an elderly co-passenger on board an Air India flight from New York to New Delhi on November 26 last year.

The Additional Sessions Judge Harjyot Singh Bhalla said the order will be passed on Tuesday after hearing all the parties before releasing the verdict.

The judge also remarked that while what the accused allegedly did was disgusting, the Court will only go by the law.

“It may be disgusting; that is another matter but let us not get into that. Let’s go into how the law deals with it,” the judge said. “There is a contradiction in the complainant’s statement and Ila Benarjee’s (Witness) statement,” the court further noted.

Recently Mishra’s bail plea was dismissed by the Magistrate court. He was arrested by the Delhi Police on January 6 and is presently in judicial custody.

On January 11, the Magistrate Court of Delhi’s Patiala House Court dismissed the bail plea of accused Shankar Mishra and said the alleged act of the accused of relieving himself upon the complainant is utterly “disgusting and repulsive”.

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