Pegasus Row: Plea Filled in Supreme Court Seeking SIT Probe

Story Highlights
  • Plea filled in SC to unearth legitimacy over PM snooping Indian citizens
  • Plea urges clarification whether or not snooping on Indian citizens attract offenses under Article 19, 21, and IT Act
  • Petition submitted by Advocate ML Sharma

New Delhi: Advocate ML Sharma has filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court urging a court-monitored Special Investigation Team (SIT) probe into the alleged snooping on journalists, activists, politicians, and members of the judiciary using the Pegasus software.

The petition said that the Pegasus scandal is a matter of grave concern where serious attacks have been made upon Indian democracy, judiciary, and national security. The petition also cited the use of such surveillance as “unaccountable.”

“Privacy is not about the wish to hide, as is often asserted. It is about having a space of one’s own where our thoughts and being are not the instrument of someone else’s purposes. It is an essential component of dignity and agency”, wrote Sharma in the petition.

The PIL claimed that around 50,000 phone numbers were bel advocateSharma ieved to be targeted by Niv Shalev and Omri (NSO) Group Technologies since 2016. Further the PIL raises several issues in the case;

  • If the Constitution of India allows the Prime Minister and his council of ministers to snoop Indian citizens for their own vested interests,
  • If the snooping on Indian citizens including opposition leaders and judiciary members do not attract offences under the Information and Technology Act, 2000 and Article 19 and 21,
  • Buying the Pegasus spyware without the approval is a violation of Indian Law.

Advocate Sharma has urged hearing for his petition tomorrow. The plea further sought buying Pegasus software for snooping illegal and unconstitutional.

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