People Extend Support To Husky ‘Nawab’ And His Owner

Story Highlights
  • FIR has been filed against a Noida resident who took his pet dog to the Kedarnath shrine.
  • FIR lodged by the committee's CEO at the behest of its president Ajendra Ajay.
  • Many users on Instagram have supported the blogger for taking the dog to the temple.

Noida: A religious trip that was supposed to be special for a Noida couple and their pet ‘Nawab’ has turned into a nightmare for them. Nawab’s owner Rohan Tyagi has been reportedly booked for allegedly hurting religious sentiments by making his pet dog touch an idol at the Kedarnath shrine.

After the videos went viral, the Badrinath-Kedarnath temple committee on Wednesday demanded stern action against the devotee, saying these visuals have hurt the religious sentiments of people.

Mr. Tyagi said Nawab has been visiting temples across India for the past four years, “so why this drama now?” He shared an elaborate post, “Why is this drama happening now suddenly?” He also shared an old video of his dog at Badrinath and Tungnath.

Support has been pouring in large numbers for Nawab and Rohan. The committee’s CEO lodged an FIR at the behest of its president Ajendra Ajay, as per reports.

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