‘People of Chhattisgarh are crying, while you are dancing in Assam’, says Dr Raman While Tweeting a Video of CM Bhupesh Baghel

Story Highlights
  • Dr Raman slams the CM for his dance at Assam Rally
  • Holds him responsible for the surge
  • Durg crematory facing burial crunch

Chhattisgarh: The Durg district administration on Saturday informed that with rising deaths, many bodies have been brought to cremation centres in the last two days. Former CM Raman Singh’s Twitter handle featured a video of the cemetery at Durg alongside CM Bhupesh dancing at a rally in Assam. 

On this, Dr Raman wrote: “Chhattisgarh will remember all, Bhupesh Baghel Ji. When the country was preparing to fight the corona, you were playing with the lives of the people by making a road safety cricket match. Vaccination was happening all over the country; you were doing politics. People are crying for beds and medicines in hospitals, you are dancing in Assam. He held the CM responsible for the sudden surge in the state.”

According to Dr Raman, issuing free tickets for the World Road Safety Series held in Raipur is the major reason for the rise. To this, Congress spokesperson RP Singh said that the former CM should rather question the PM of the nation for his unresponsive attitude in holding rallies and meetings for the elections amidst the surge.

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