People Protest, Scramble for Food in Locked down Shanghai

Story Highlights
  • Man deliberately violated norms in belief to get food in prison.
  • Inflicted families struggle to arrange essentials for kin.
  • Silent protests reported.

Shanghai: China’s commercial capital, Shanghai, already warned on Wednesday that anyone who violates Covid-19 lockdown rules would be dealt with strictly.

On Thursday , 27,000 coronavirus cases were reported, setting a new record a day after President Xi Jinping said that the country must continue with its strict “dynamic Covid clearance” policy and pandemic control measures.Shanghai’s economy scrambled as the authorities imposed stringent restrictions on movement citing the drastic surge.

A man is deliberately seen violating the norms in a video, approaching the police to arrest him in a belief that he will get food in prison.

Kin of those affected are seen running pillar to pillar to arrange essentials for their treatment. While those lockdown at homes have been protesting out of hunger as the supermarkets reportes shortage of food.

Many Twitter users have flooded the micro-blogging site with videos reportedly showing people, who are barred from leaving their houses, screaming from their windows for help. Take a look at one video below:

While in another video, people were seen protesting while medical professionals in hazmat suits tried to settle the uproar. As people raised their voices, one person was heard shouting, “I’m starving to death! I’m starving to death!”The horror in Shanghai doesn’t end here. Several other users claimed that there were small riots and protests over the lack of food and essential items in Shanghai. People were reportedly seen “ransacking and looting” supermarkets in China’s wealthiest city. Here is a video:

Meanwhile, other residents of Shanghai resorted to silent protest. They kept their refrigerators out in their balconies to express their concerns over the food shortage at homes.

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