Petrol and Diesel Prices Hike up 80 Paise;10th Hike in 12 days

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  • Petrol now being retailed at Rs 102.61 per litre in the capital.
  • Diesel sold at Rs 93.87 in the capital city.
  • Crude oil price soared for the tenth time in 12 days.

New Delhi: After a pause of a day, the fuel price went up again on Saturday, April 2nd. Petrol and diesel are now being retailed with a hike of 80 paise per litre, taking the total increase in rates in the last 12 days to Rs 7.20 per litre.

Petrol in the national capital now costs Rs 102.61 per litre against Rs 101.81 previously, while diesel rates have soared to Rs 93.87 against 93.07. in the financial capital, the petrol and diesel prices have gone up by 85 paise, to Rs 117.57 and Rs 101.79 per litre respectively.

This is the tenth time; the fuel rates were spiked after the centre took a pause for four and a half months amidst the elections. The last revision was done on March 22, 2022. Rates have been increased across the country and may vary as per the local taxation.

Crude oil fell on Friday as the International Energy Agency (IEA) decided to participate in the largest-ever release of US oil reserves. After U.S. President Joe Biden announced the release on Thursday, both Brent and US crude benchmarks fell nearly 13%, their worst weekly drops in two years.

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