Pfizer Shot Could be Made Within 100 Days to Tackle Variants if Needed, says CEO Bourla

Story Highlights
  • Pfizer and US President in coalition announced a donation of half-billion Pfizer shots to low-income nations
  • US to pay Pfizer USD 3.5 billion for the doses
  • CEO Bourla informed the preparedness of the company to manufacture new shots to combat variant strains

World: Proving to be by far the most effective vaccine against the mutated versions of the novel virus, Pfizer on Thursday stated it could manufacture a whole new shot system within 100 days to pursue variants of the virus if the need arises. 

The announcement came during an event on Thursday, where President Joe Biden and CEO of Pfizer Albert Bourla jointly announced a donation of half a billion doses of Pfizer shots to the low-income nations. The United States will pay Pfizer about USD 3.5 billion for the doses and the contract will be finalized in coming weeks, the official said.

Bourla in his announcement stressed the effectiveness of the vaccine against the novel virus and its mutated strains. He stated that the company is geared up to turn around a new vaccine within 100 days if needed.  He also reiterated that Pfizer is working on an oral treatment against Covid-19, which he is hoping will be approved by the end of the year.  

Pfizer competitor, Moderna at  Forbes Health In Action Summit last week.  stated that its booster  dose would shield one against the variant strains. CEO Stephane Bancel, said,” Moderna is working on a booster shot to both reboot pre-existing antibodies and to “provide new antibodies in your body that will bind specifically to those new mutations.” 

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