Pilots Who Suffered Injuries in Morena Plane Crash Discharged

MORENA: Two pilots who ejected on time from their aircraft after the mid-air collision in Morena on Saturday recovered successfully and have been discharged said military hospital doctors who treated them.

The black box of the Sukhoi 30MKI Jet which crashed in Madhya Pradesh Morena district was found in the wreckage a week later. Teams of IAF studied and inspected a forested area of Pahargarh where the debris of the two fighter jets fell.

Two frontline combat aircraft of the IAF, Sukhoi 30MKI Jet and Mirage 2000 crashed during a training mission in Morena last Saturday resulting in the death of a wing commander while two other pilots ejected safely. Defense sources said the Su-30 had two pilots while Mirage 2000 had one pilot during the crash.

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