PM Meet with All Party Leaders Begin to Discuss Afghan Crisis

Story Highlights
  • External Affairs Minister to brief ground report
  • Opposition leaders demand an official statement by the Centre on the Afghan crisis
  • India evacuated 626 people from Afghanistan including 228 Indians

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was all set to meet all party leaders on an emergency discussion related to the ongoing Afghan crisis. The meeting has already begun and the PM has asked EAM Jaishankar to brief all about the ground report. It is expected that this meeting can bring out solutions to this international problem through positive discussions by the leaders. 

The Indian government has taken keen steps in evacuating both Afghan nationals and Indian nationals from Afghanistan after the Taliban captured Kabul on Aug 15. Meanwhile, the Taliban leaders have claimed to maintain peace in the country and have also urged the nationals to stay back in the country and give them a chance to prove their governing powers.

While the Indian government is holding meetings to regulate the global situation, Russia, on the other hand, said that they will not “interfere” in Afghanistan’s internal matter. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin said, “Naturally, we will not interfere in Afghanistan’s domestic affairs, nor will our armed forces be drawn into this all-against-all conflict. I think this is what is going on there. You know how difficult and alarming the situation in Afghanistan currently is. We are keeping a close eye on this situation, actively cooperating with our allies in the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO)”.

The key excerpts from the all-party meet to discuss the Afghan crisis with the PM is still awaited.

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