PM Modi address: States to get vaccine for free; Ration for Poor til Diwali

Story Highlights
  • Will sack off vaccine decentralization treaty with the states
  • Extended free ration scheme for 800 million under PMGKY until Diwali
  • Informed about the ongoing vaccine trials

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation virtually at 5 pm today evening. He had earlier addressed the nation when the resurgence had crippled the nation during April-May this year. On 20 April, PM Modi had appealed to the states to use lockdowns as the last resort to break the chain. 

While addressing the nation, the PM highlighted vaccination production as the biggest achievement of the country. He said,” We started our vaccination drive based on the parameters set by the WHO. After taking recommendations, it was decided that the vulnerable population will be vaccinated first which is why frontline, health care, and those above 45 were vaccinated first.”

On a lighter note, he also praised the scientists of the nation who ingeniously launched 2 made-in-India vaccines this year. As per the statistics, 23 crore people have been inoculated under the Mega Vaccination Drive. 

He contemplated the anti-COVID protocol implementation as the keyguard against the virus spread. Addressing the speculations to include the children under the vaccination drive, he stated that the vaccine trials for the children had begun as per the said terms. 

Extending information about the vaccination procurement strategy he stated that new guidelines will be constituted within 2 weeks nullifying the decentralized vaccination system. As per the guidelines, the states will be provided the vaccine for free from June 21st all citizens above 18 years would be eligible for free vaccinations.

Additionally, he announced the extension of the free ration procurement scheme under the PMGKY for the poor until Diwali this year.

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